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Dell Inspiron 3558 DC Jack

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:40 pm
by XpUser
Well the laptop we purchased in June 2016 the DC Jack broke. So I contacted Dell support on the chat. After sending a picture through the chat. They told me it was not covered under Dell warranty. I asked if they would check it and let me know what it cost. They said yes they would call and let me know the repair price. So I get the box send it off. I checked the status yesterday it showed it was on hold. I got on the support chat and they told me it would cost $409.00 to be repaired. They told me the motherboard had to be replaced and also the keyboard was bad. The keyboard there was nothing wrong with it when it left my house. And let me explain about the Motherboard. Usually they do replace the motherboard to fix the DC jack. But if you go to and look up my model and look up the DC jack you will see there is no need to replace the motherboard. It is a wire assembly that plugs to the board and attaches by a screw. Anyway I told them to send it back I was not paying $409.00 for it to be fixed. The laptop cost $469.00 I can buy a new one for that price. They said sure your laptop will be sent back. So I checked today and it showed repair started 10:30am it was about 1:30pm when I checked. I was like what in the world they are going to try and charge me. So I get back on the chat and see what is going on. They said they would escalate it and the repair would be stopped. This is crazy if they started it 3 hours ago they should be finished. a few minutes later I checked the status and it shows the unit was repaired and has been shipped. I told the agent on the chat it shows it was repaired. He said no it was not repaired. Well then why does it show it was? He never gave me an answer to that I asked several times. So now what should I expect? I just do not know with Dell if they started 10:30 am and it was showing 1:30 am still in repair they are some slow workers. My other laptop Inspiron 3542 the keyboard was replaced it did not take the in home service tech but 30 - 45 minutes to fix. I am just confused why it shows the laptop was fixed and shipped. I asked the agent he said on his end it showed not repaired. This is what it saids.

unit has been repaired and shipped back to your address

12/30/2016 1:23:37 PM: Your product has been shipped to your return address. You can track the shipment

What should I expect really? A repaired laptop or not? A laptop damaged by Dell depot? I just do not know this is going to bug me all weekend.

This is the link to the DC jack. It looks easy to fix. I may try to fix it myself. No soldering required. ... m&id=21141

At first I was thinking they were fixing it and was going to try and charge me and if I did not pay they would keep it. That is a scam and taking advantage of people. Speaking of scams I still get calls from "tech support" either windows tech support or dell tech support claiming my computer is sending errors. Sometimes the number is one of Dell's numbers. I really think Dell is behind all these scams now. I have really lost respect for Dell as people on here know I have been a big fan of Dell. But now I have learned a lesson not to buy from Dell. My inspiron 3542 is working good the DC jack is better the jack is bigger. The 3558 is smaller. I also have a Latitude D620 and it works good. I did still have Windows XP on it. But I installed Windows 7 for my father to use while his the 3558 is in the shop. BTW I had to use Vista drivers on Windows 7 on the Latitude. But I am done with Dell now they are Dirty scumbags. Check out my latest scammer video just a want to warn. The scammer uses the N word.

Re: Dell Inspiron 3558 DC Jack

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 4:03 am
by Rocke_T_Sinetist
The founders here were all huge fans of Dell, proud of the work we did there, aghast at what uber hosebags they became and remain to this day.

For clarity, Dell does not operate or supervise the repair depot contractors. Neither does Dell intercede on customers' behalf when key parts or entire systems are stolen by the contractor, unless commanded to do so by customers' state attorney general.

The DC jack was a longstanding weakness. Only reason I can think why they updated it from a MB part to a harness subassembly, large-volume institutional buyers complaining about downtime costs. The depots still charge for the MB and lie about replacing it. And just like sales lies about cancelling orders and support lies about returns to bullshit you past the return window, service lies about repairs. Saying they have cancelled when they haven't, can't when they can, sticking you with charges you told them not to then confiscating your system for sale at the flea market/fleabay. If they don't just outright confiscate it in the first place.

The light of ethics and integrity never falls on the black hole that is Dell and their associated operatives.

Re: Dell Inspiron 3558 DC Jack

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:25 am
by XpUser
Well the status showed it was repaired and was sent back. I have the tracking number. When I get it back I will see. I will keep an eye on my dell credit account and see if there is a charge. If there in I will contact state Attorney General.

Re: Dell Inspiron 3558 DC Jack

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 1:31 pm
by XpUser
I also want to add I saw a decline in customer service in 2016. The Inspiron 3558 is my fathers the dell account and all in in my name. My laptop a inspiron 3542 I had the hard drive replaced and while taking the hard drive cover off the scew nut came out. Yes this is accidental damage but I was replacing a part. I contacted Dell about this and they said I would have to send it to be fixed and I would have to pay. But after further arguing one of the chat agents said "don't worry we will fix it" that made me think they would not charge. So they sent a box to me. But I read reviews on the depot and decided not to send it. So then his laptop the DC Jack messes up and I figured the only way to get it fixed is to send it in only other choice is to buy a new one. On the 3542 the only good thing that came out of replacing the hard drive is 1 They sent a WD Black drive 7200 RPM instead of Blue 5400 RPM. The imaged Windows 7 would not get Windows Update it just got hung on checking for updates. I know several people have had this issue. But I have tried WSUS offline to install the updates and they would not work. I contacted Dell about it just to see what they said. They said I needed to send it in it was a motherboard problem. Guess what? I used the Dell Windows 7 SP1 disk and reinstalled a clean install and problem solved. So Dell tried to pull this on me the first time with my laptop. I just cannot wait to see if they fixed the DC jack or not. Also it's pretty sad the tech support at Dell does not know the hardware like being an assembly on the DC jack. You would think they would know. So this repair depot they are not apart of Dell? I bet they repair all brands because one of the in home service techs told me once his company replaced parts for other brand also. And I forgot to mention when Arshad_Shaikh1 called me about the 3558 I asked if they will call and let me know the price he said "don't worry we will take care of it" That also makes me think they would not charge am I the only one thinks that? I think they just read from a script and that was the best thing he could find to answer my question. He should have just answered yes or no it's really simple.

Re: Dell Inspiron 3558 DC Jack

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:56 am
by Rocke_T_Sinetist
Yes, the depot contractors are just another bunch of lowbidder hosebags like Unisys or the Bangaloreans who answer the phone.

Anecdote: As late as 2000 Dell hired their own phone people and they actually KNEW something. A group of senior techs periodically spent days in our lab training. Kinda knew something was up when that stopped. Not long after, EVERYthing stopped if you catch my draft.