You make me shit on my employees


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You make me shit on my employees

#1 Postby cmpthrowaway » Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:46 pm

Why Do I hate Dell?
I am currently an L2. It is just me for my team. No manager. 20 agents. I get in trouble for the over time that I currently claim (83 hours per pay period), but realistically i go home to work another 3 hours a day because you can't afford to hire another person into my role. I know that is illegal, but if I don't do it, I get bitched at for not having my work done. The really awesome part is that I get to let everyone know about the disappointing changes you make. The weekly process and procedures changes, the unattainable goals... you make me communicate that out. Thats right, go hide in that manager cage while I get to be bitched at.

I received a $1400/month pay cut accepting a full time position, or badge. Just in time for you to get rid of the "super awesome amazing" health care plan that everyone was always bragging about. Thanks.

management favoritism is unbelievable. The agents you favor really aren't that great, just kiss ups. If they aren't sleeping with the agents, then their L2s are. The lack of movement is disappointing. And to the agents that sit there and kiss their ass... they turn right around and talk shit about you.

The hiring freezes need to stop. you need to let the accounts do what they need to do to be successful.

Every Dell location has a competitor nearby that will pay more for less work... its pathetic that we can't offer our employees more. Most of my agents are on food stamps. One agent gets hired on with that competitor, and gives the competition referrals of the miserable bastards that are looking for a way out.

Despite all of this, I still do the work. I still have respect from my agents. and you will never promote me, ever.

Is there a department where you don't feel like you are crushing hopes and dreams every day that you would recommend?

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