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dell computers sucks


This is a free forum for employees and customers to voice their opinions about problems associated with Dell. Please feel free to browse the Forum and if you would like to share your experience, please do not hesitate to do so.


Dell forum


We are in no way associated with Dell and the use of their name is for descriptive purposes only. This site is not to harm the above mentioned company, nor is it used to share confidential material belonging to them. Please keep in mind that this is a peaceful assembly and we are using our First Amendment right to free speech. All views are expressed by each individual and if they post a complaint and the problem is resolved, we encourage that individual to post that they have resolved the issue at hand.


All persons signing up to use this forum are doing so at their own will. Any information obtained will be kept confidential. Management of Dell is encouraged to browse this forum to see what issues they may need to address. Any threats made by anyone in these forums will result in them being banned from this web site.



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